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A Message From William H. Mills, Jr., Chairman

In these complex times, selecting a campus development partner is a challenge that calls for careful research, strong judgment and, in the final analysis, a good deal of trust.

To choose wisely, you will scrutinize the accomplishments of firms under consideration, a comparison we at University Housing Services welcome. Ours is a track record no other developer can equal. Throughout the nation, we have left a legacy of well-received structures that have served as the model and the standard in the industry.

Moreover, you will need to take a long hard look at the capabilities of different firms, striving to be absolutely sure the one you choose is equal to the task. Here, again, we have much to tell you about our vast experience, technical expertise and corporate philosophy.

Finally, you will find yourself looking beyond the physical evidence into the heart of the corporation itself to determine exactly what kind of people you are considering for your project team. It is here, I have no doubt, you will discover that UHS’ greatest resource is our team. Our team members are, quite frankly, the best in the business — handpicked for their expertise, pragmatic problem-solving, technical skills and enthusiastic approach to every project.

We hope you’ll delve further into our Website to see representative samplings of the work we’ve done and find out firsthand from our clients how they feel about UHS.

When you have heard our story, I’m confident you’ll see us for what we are:
A solidly organized, focused and trusted development partner who is committed to your ongoing campus facility goals.

Thank you for visiting with us.

Very truly yours,
William H. Mills

Partnering is Key to Our Success

UHS has been so successful because of our strong belief in establishing partnerships with clients. We have worked hard to develop a trustworthy reputation gained from a focused approach to provide campus development projects. This ongoing commitment enables us to work at your will—as an extension of your staff in a collaborative work environment—to make certain that all of your goals are achieved.

The end result of each UHS project is an innovative high-quality product delivered within a shorter schedule and at a lower cost. This is why UHS’ projects continue to serve as models in the industry.

Since our inception in 1992, UHS has developed over 20,000 on-campus student housing beds, along with activity centers, swimming/diving facilities, banquet/dining halls, parking decks, central energy plants and research centers, always on time or ahead of schedule. Who else can tell you that? Our clients! Click here to read some of their thoughts about UHS, or find out more about our partnership approach.
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