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Client Testimonials

Florida Gulf Coast University

"The University is very satisfied with the services that UHS has provided. They have given constant attention to quality and aggressive value engineering. They involve themselves in every aspect of a project and provide invaluable assistance throughout. We have no reservations about recommending University Housing Services to any university planning a project such as ours."

William C. Merwin
Former President

"During our 10-year relationship with UHS, we have developed over 2,400 beds and [UHS'] staff has integrated seamlessly with University personnel and has repeatedly delivered an extremely high-value product to the University. They take the time to listen and to understand not only our history but also our vision for the future. Their team is second to none . . ."

Richard Ackert
Chairman, Florida Gulf Coast University Financing Corporation, Inc.

"University Housing Services has been a tremendous partner in the realization of student housing at Florida Gulf Coast University—beginning with their practical, affordable and attractive design approach through the construction and occupancy phases. We are most pleased with their services, and more importantly, our students give us rave reviews about the student residences."

Curtis Bullock
Executive Director, Florida Gulf Coast University Financing Corporation, Inc.

Louisiana State University at Alexandria

"Your personal attention to the project was a key to the success of this effort . . . all worked together seamlessly and with the common goal of creating a center of campus living we could all point to with pride. The demands of the very short time frame available to accomplish this created some problems, but [you] always put forth the extra effort to resolve them quickly. This project came together on time, under budget and surpassed even my high level of expectation. As you know, this was LSUA's first campus residence. Your expertise with first-time projects was another key to this success. I look forward to a Phase II some time in the near future. You can be certain we will be calling on University Housing Services when that time comes."

Robert Cavanaugh
Chancellor Emeritus

Georgia Southwestern State University

"UHS never approached Georgia Southwestern with problems but provided us with solutions and never made promises they couldn't keep. University Housing Services is the name that I will always associate with the success of our housing program at Georgia Southwestern. From day one, each project stayed on schedule, was under budget, and your company always provided GSW with a kind of customer service that is rare in this day and time. Thank you again for a job well done, and you can rest assured that when the time comes to engage in another housing development, UHS will be at the top of the list."

Hugh Slaton, Jr.
Assistant Director of Plant Operations

Greenville Technical College

"As the first public two-year college in South Carolina to build housing, our student apartment construction involved many challenges. But your team's expertise made the tough parts easier and the good parts great. Our reward is to know that our students live in an attractive, safe, secure, state-of-the-art environment. For the first time in a South Carolina technical college, our students can live where they learn and love where they live. It is equally gratifying to know that we achieved success and completed the project within the budget available through a great collaborative relationship. I enjoyed working with you and your staff, knowing that if you said something would happen, it would happen . . ."

G. Frederick Payne
Executive Director of Student Housing

Indiana University of Pennsylvania — Punxsutawney

"From their initial presentation and throughout the RFP process, we were impressed with the obvious spirit of teamwork and effective communications practiced by UHS . . . UHS brought a first-rate team to this project—from the initial proposal, through design and finally construction. We are not only getting safe, functional and affordable housing, but we are getting a living center that will be a showcase for years to come. It has been a great pleasure working with the UHS team—they provided the cornerstone for our future success."

Valarie J. Trimarchi
Dean, Punxsutawney

University of North Alabama

"Unlike the others, UHS did not attempt to tell our University what our campus needed based on what they had built previously, albeit, UHS had extensive experience. Instead, UHS offered a partnership . . . UHS listened to us, made suggestions, provided advice and offered options . . .They earned my respect individually and as a team. They attended to the details and did not dodge the tough issues. They had the tact, knowledge and experience to see that our four new residence halls were as needed, as promised and ready for the start of the academic year, and they stayed with us through all stages of the project."

Dr. Thomas Lovett
Vice President of Student Affairs

University of South Carolina Aiken

"From the beginning, our folks, me included, have been impressed that you have listened when we had issues or concerns, and you have made every effort to address them. In our first venture with a design/build project, you have probably spoiled us. The building is exactly what we agreed at the front end it should be. It was delivered on time and in budget, and you and your colleagues were here on a regular basis to be certain that we remained happy with the effort."

Thomas Hallman

Armstrong Atlantic State University

"You have delivered a high quality product on time, and within budget . . . I am equally impressed with the entire University Housing Services team that has been working with us. Every member of your team is knowledgeable and helpful and clearly has a campus perspective. On the strength of this experience, we have convinced the Board of Regents to give your company approval to immediately proceed with Phase II. Student housing is going to change this campus in many positive ways, a lot of the credit goes to your personal leadership—thank you!"

William Megathlin
Assistant to the President

"University Housing Services is outstanding in their service provided to campuses. Their team is customer focused and is always available to assist colleges and universities through the sometimes confusing details of privatized housing. Their attitude is that of a partner, and they work hard to provide the expertise needed in all aspects of planning, design, financing and management . . ."

Dr. Joseph Buck
Vice President for Student Affairs

Southeastern University

"We have achieved this success through the collaborative relationship that has flourished since we first started the campus master planning process. In fact, we have worked so closely together that sometimes it seems that your staff has become an extension of ours. I would like to commend UHS for, among many other things, the following: (1) Helping us formulate the 'big picture' for our multi-phase program, (2) delivering each phase of the project while never losing sight of the big picture, (3) Corralling the input of all our different departments and assisting us in making informed decisions and (4) Continuing to learn with us and adapt to changing conditions as we go."

John Kautz, III
Vice President for Administrative Services

St. Leo University

"Our residence facility, which consists of new construction as well as renovation work, is completed and we're all very pleased. Fortunately, it sits up near the front of the campus where it can be seen as people drive by. The whole project came in under budget, and we have a waiting list which we are obviously pleased about."

Monsignor Frank M. Mouch

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