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 New Survey Finds High Rate of Satisfaction Among FGCU’s Student Housing Residents

New Survey Finds High Rate of Satisfaction Among FGCU’s Student Housing Residents


Results of Florida Gulf Coast University’s Annual Quality of Residence Life Survey finds high levels of satisfaction among the majority of on-campus student housing residents. Completed in March by student residents of FGCU’s two housing communities, North Lake Village and South Village, which comprise 2,500 beds:

One student who completed the survey said, “If not for living on campus, I would not have met my roommates, my girlfriend, and the hundreds of friends that I had the opportunity of meeting. I am grateful that that I made the right choice of living on campus after commuting for the first year and half of my career here at FGCU.”

Brian Fisher, FGCU’s Director of Housing & Residence Life, believes these results demonstrate the value students find in the on-campus residential experience. “It’s no surprise that we have one of the highest return rates for on-campus housing in the state of Florida (approximately 50% return rate year to year over the last several years),” said Fisher.

According to Fisher, on-campus housing has contributed significantly to the overall FGCU experience. “Prospective students often come to our campus and fall in love with what FGCU has to offer. Developing a quality housing and residence life program is a great investment for the campus because it adds to the excellence of the university experience. In turn, it draws many prospective students to the university who are interested in gaining a valuable on-campus experience.”

One critical element of housing, according to Fisher, is how it has enhanced the overall learning experience at FGCU. “Having on-campus housing allows for learning to take place on college campuses long after the last class is dismissed,” said Fisher. “Not a night goes by where our staff and students aren’t interacting with one another in residence. Resident Assistant (RA) staff facilitate programs almost every night of the year. Residents can always be found studying together in study groups in our lounges or other common spaces or socializing in many common areas or outdoor courtyards. Students are always engaging in activities and events in housing. Students in on-campus housing feel more connected to the university. Living on-campus not only provides a place to live but to learn and excel during the college years.”

Since first adding housing in 1998, FGCU has continued to see enrollments of students from outside their five southwest country regions of Lee, Collier, Charlotte, Glades and Hendry. Increasing numbers of students are coming from Broward, Palm Beach, Sarasota, Pinellas and Hillsborough counties. Originally established as a commuter university, Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) quickly transitioned to a residential campus in order to accommodate its growing demand for on-campus student housing. Now with over 2,500 beds, FGCU is the fastest growing public university in Florida with 10,200 students. They are currently developing Phase 9 of their student housing which will be completed this summer.

Fisher believes many elements contribute to providing their students with an enriching on-campus experience. “Our contemporary housing options give today’s students the type of living accommodations they prefer. On-campus housing for students adds the convenience of being close to classes and other university services. Our facilities offer many amenities and services that make students feel safe and comfortable where they live. Our Residence Life program offers students the opportunity to develop positive relationships, become involved in campus activities and feel a part of the university community. These elements all contribute to providing our students with an enriching on-campus experience that certainly helps them in their personal growth and development and in their academic pursuits,” said Fisher.

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