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 UHS Announces Financing Plan: CampusChoiceTM: Gives Universities Real Options and More Control

UHS Announces Financing Plan: CampusChoice™ Gives Universities Real Options and More Control

June 16, 2011

University Housing Services, Inc. (UHS), announced today its new financing plan for universities.

CampusChoice™ provides a unique alternative to universities who have had no other choice over the past several years but to place their campus facilities projects on hold due to budget shortfalls and economic uncertainty.

Through a mix of financing options, each CampusChoice plan can be customized for a university's specific needs, while minimizing impact to both their credit and budget.

According to UHS's President & CEO, Greg Minder, what makes CampusChoice even more unique from other financing plans is that it is designed for the level of involvement a university desires.

"UHS has designed this financing plan around universities and the amount of control they want. Having partnered with universities for 20 years, we understand the importance of maintaining a collaborative relationship with our clients. This means giving them choices, not just one plan that restricts them from the level of involvement they want from their project," said Minder.

CampusChoice allows for customization at many levels, from the initial concept, down to the residence life programming. Explains Minder, "No two universities are the same, so one financing plan isn’t going to work for every university."

For more information, call 888-847-8326 or email gminder@uhsi.com.

About UHS:
Having developed over 20,000 student housing beds, UHS has become the campus development partner of choice for higher-education institutions throughout the nation. UHS provides financial structuring, at-risk development, design, construction, consulting and master planning for student housing, activity centers, swimming/diving facilities, banquet/dining halls, parking decks, central energy plants and research centers. Their expedited approach, based on 20 years of experience, yields significant benefits for universities in producing student-centered communities. For more information, email us or call 888-847-8326 (UHS TEAM).

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